The Beehive of Selfish Selves

by The Tomorrow File



released November 4, 2012

All songs written and performed by Daniel J.S. Lewis unless otherwise indicated.

Recorded and Mixed by Daniel J.S. Lewis at Dead Dog Studio.

Copyright 2012 CV Music. All rights reserved.

Cover photo by Erik Graham.



all rights reserved


The Tomorrow File Buffalo, New York

The Tomorrow File comes at you with smart hooks and penetrating lyrics. A singer/songwriter with an eclectic ability to fuse genres in an originally singular way.

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Track Name: Jennifer Morgan
Jennifer Morgan rode her bike
All through my neighborhood
In the summer of '75
She turned and smiled at me

When Jennifer Morgan rode her bike
I hid like Robin Hood
Even when her sister said
She was in love with me

Do you want to row to China?
I'll meet you on the moon
In my dreams it's always summer and green
Time catches up so soon

Jennifer Morgan moved away
I never saw her again
And I wonder to this day
Did she ever know?
Could she ever see?
What she meant to me
When I was fourteen?
Track Name: Get Out Of Boston
Do you ever wonder where
The lights go when the curtains are drawn?
A good friend said
You can't fake destiny

I gave my word I'd see it through
And spite the ghost of me and you
Now I see
It cannot be

Get out of Boston while you can
And learn to take your medicine, man
She's not what you need and she'll sink you like a stone
You're already gone

But it wasn't always rust and sawdust
There were good times, but the hard truth showed us
That wishing for peace cannot make it so
You've gotta let go

Get out of Boston while you can
And learn to take your medicine, man
She's not what you need and she'll sink you like a stone
You're already gone

Do you ever wonder why
The need to love
Clouds our eyes with gold
And dead rainbows?
Track Name: What I Saw At The Tea Party
Lance me, kick me
You wanna brick me
Your only mission
Is to put me down

Green paper greed
You wanna make me bleed
Ink flows drowning
In the sound of

Striking confessions
Blinding perceptions
Come and storm the castle its a crime
Blank resurrections
Perfect imperfections
Come and join the party it's sublime

Tempt me, preempt me
I'm heaven sent, G!
Time bomb
Blows away the crowd

Old dead tree
The weight of liberty
Your revolution makes
A funny sound

Striking confessions
And crowded redemption
We'll build you up before we tear your down
Grant me and keep me
Before you sleep me
Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Old ways, new ways
Tell me it's the End of Days
Raise me and teach me
You know you'll never reach me
I'll show you what it means
To live in light

Striking confessions
Bend to go the distance
Burning witches bellow up in smoke
We light the fire, of passion's desire
All this human conviction makes me choke
Track Name: Flutter
Here in this infected lounge
Asylum of graceless sighers
Just below the surface lies
The sound of someone trying

You don't know me
You don't know me
Track Name: Going Home (By and By)
I'm going home where the angels receive me
I'm going home to the angels on high
I'm going home where the angels will greet me
We're going home, by and by

Break me, take me
Turn out my soul soul and save me

I'm going home where the angels receive me
I'm going home with angels on high
I'm going home where the angels will greet me
We're going home, by and by
Track Name: Worm's-Eye View
You say your future is unguessed
You say you life's like a crow's nest
When your love's thrown back at you
Remember what you were born to do and feel

You say your life has
No reason
You say your heart's
Out of season

Life is more than shifting dirt
Or painting with dead arrow root
Or drawing with the blackest soot
It's everything we know we should

If Time's a ruthless sower
Of bones and whispers and rough-lunged crowers
To heel to toe in wooden shoes
And throw away your worm's-eye view
Track Name: The City of Broken Toys
Every tick follows every tock
Every sparrow, every falling rock
Every shepherd, every hungry flock
Every anger, every broken lock

Every inch before every mile
Every grace before every smile
Every sacrifice, every hungry child
Every seed, every field grown wild

A savaged dream become blind rage
The dreams of freedom broken in a cage
A song of summer overplayed
A one-act play on a burning stage

Blow on, like sand,
But theres no hiding place,
All alone
Completely on your own
Stay with me darling,
I'm coming home
Track Name: Hunted
I don't recognize
These broken hands before my eyes

Listen cunningly
Thinking joylessly
Always there with me
Track Name: The Ticking Of the Clock
I never meant to hurt you
I never wanted my words
To bruise or to beat you
But I was in pain and so I said
Some things that I needed to say
And now you've turned your face

I drove you away because I could not see
That pressure was building in me
So if I pushed too hard
It was only because of the goddamn ticking of the clock

I cannot say that I knew
All along I'd be leaving my home
When I first met you
But you felt so good
For a moment I thought I'd pause
Before I broke on through

This cynical shell that I've been living in
This mind that has put me through hell
Was wearing a smile
It was a terrible shock
This goddamn ticking of the clock

I had to wonder: is there really something here to choose?
Have a drink and a laugh between the on and the off
I tried so hard to get through
Oh, before I had to go

I should have told you from the start
That all I wanted from you was a warm soft spot in your heart
And that I would leave inside you
A message destined to explode into your future

I had so little time, for I knew I was leaving
Still I'd hoped that we could both reach out
And make it matter somehow
And shelter ourselves from the killing ticking of the clock

It makes me sad, it makes me sorry
That I tried in a letter to tell you what was going on
I should have known better
Instead of being a man and taking your hand
Sometimes it feels like I'm destined to misunderstand
That the written word can turn promise to sand
But I never deceived you

Now resentment and anger are the order of the day
Is there anything I can do
To sweep all the sadness away?
All I really tried to say was need it only be one day
Since soon I'll be leaving?

And so you see, I didn't know
That I was coming on strong
Because there was no time to go slowly
Time slips away
Always leaving the gentle and good ones shattered

So Thal, I'm leaving today
Because my life as I'm living it is killing me as surely as
Tomorrow will come
So remember that for a while
With your laughing eyes and with your smile
You came and you held me and you relit the flame
That reels and rocks
And shelters us all from the goddam ticking of the clock
Track Name: Being Human
You told us hang on
You told us to be strong
You skated in fragrance
But you never quite belonged

In castle or hut
You live what you've got
How dare you say
You'll wash away
The pain of the buckshot
Track Name: Church Of Wolves
Zealous in advice
Avarice of love
Watching bishops fall like rosewood gloves
Praying to dead leaves and strangled love

Fleecing clover flocks
Praying tender in the fields
Tilling earthly offices, feeding earthly needs
They're hanging holy thieves beneath the marble eaves

Pass along the Kingdom's keys
Send them down to hell on their broken knees
The Lord will know his own
Track Name: Lord Of Lies
You never thought you'd stay
When they drove your ghosts away
But you found an answer
And you brought it on home

And you never thought you'd pray
For a wind that does not stray
They want the demon in you
Burn clean, burn true

Open up the cipher in your eyes
The Tree of Man's all thistle and thorns
Open up the cipher in your eyes
Go ask your lover, the Lord of Lies
Track Name: Straw Dogs (Tiananmen)
A sad excuse
With bloody fingernails
Like a bird
Crushed in it's shell

Just like a mirror
Without the silver
Just ike a mouth
Without a tongue

This sorry state
Of disappointment
This short sharp shock
That tries to hide the pain

WIth songs of decay and disharmony
Satellitle makes it all too real too me

Something like this should be dissected
Something like this could never be any good
A gentle word takes less than a life
Even if it falls stillborn from my mouth

Picture a mother
Who's grayed and fading
Her brittle bones snapping as she falls
It's not surprising that such a lady
Would gnash her teeth
And scratch and crawl

I had a dream
And in this dream
I stumbled
Tearing my knee
On cracked and sympathetic road

And the sky turned black with flame
Spitting teeth, dying for shame
And scores of puddles wwelled by the roadside
Twisted finger feel dull and swollen lips

Then finally my head exploded
As I but down on the rifle butt
On a night that thinkc with eternity
Satellite makes it all too real too me

Picture a mother
Who's grayed and fading
A middle kindgom with such a winning smile
Tell me how can such a lady
Live with herself
While she devours her young