Happy Songs About Being Sad

by The Tomorrow File



Unreleased demos from 1997-2000.


released July 15, 2012

All songs written and performed by Daniel J.S. Lewis.

Recorded and mixed at Dead Dog Studio, Buffalo NY.

Photo by Kate Ter Haar (www.flickr.com/photos/katerha/). Fonts courtesy of P22 Type Foundry (www.p22.com).



all rights reserved


The Tomorrow File Buffalo, New York

The Tomorrow File comes at you with smart hooks and penetrating lyrics. A singer/songwriter with an eclectic ability to fuse genres in an originally singular way.

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Track Name: Shine Your Light (1998 Demo)
Sometimes, when you can't find the beauty in your life
And you feel life your life has slipped away
Lost your grip and time is flowing like a ship
On through the haze, your dreams flashing, you need patience and compassion
Call on me

Sometimes, when all you see is darkness in the night
And you wonder what it is that brought you here, to this place
Tears are falling down your face but deep inside
You find your measure, all the fears and all the pleasures
Listen to me

Tears of joy, tears of pain, you must break the chains
That hold you down and keep you from all you can be
Mother, be my wife, go find your inner light
Let your love shine down and spread all your light all around

So when you need a lover and a friend
And you wonder when the smiles will come again
Give me your hand, I'm here to help you stand
In the stars and on the sand, beginning and the end
Turn to me

Gold is the color of the rainbow
But red is the color of my dreams
Oh, let me hold you, let me enfold you

Shine your light
Track Name: It's Hard (1997 Demo)
It's hard, I know
Because you're wondering which way to go
The decisions you make
Can bond or break your heart

And the feelings that you hold down inside
May be bottled up, but not blind
They can explode like a seed
and fill you with a need that grows

You're looking for direction
The doubt is written like a poem on your face
And I'm looking for connection
You are my lover, my friend, and I hope you find your place

I remember the night
That you came into my life
My blood was hard and dry
My sould was withered and twisting in the wind

But you came and you kissed it away
And I thought I heard you say you'd stay
Something unique is unfolding
Tell me that you'll help it along

We've known it
We've held it
We've tested and tasted
But we still don't quite believe it

Because it'll be long
But we can be strong
If we care
I will always be there

So no matter what distractions unfold
If you love me, then say your at home
With your heart in my heart
Tell me it's a matter of time

And I say I love you
I want you
But watch out for the silence
That can bruise you and beat you
Track Name: Build A Roof Over Your Heart (1998 Demo)
When the world outside is tearing you apart
I fight my way into your heart
And when the storms blow cold
And the sun fails it's light, and you're tired of the fight

Let my strength keep you whole
And shelter you in the night
When the world breaks your heart
I will make everything alright

Because pain always flows
To where God only knows
I am the eye of the storm
I'll keep you safe, I'll keep you warm

And when you want to run
Your doubts will be undone
When the wolves are tearing you apart
I build a roof over your heart

So when you look and think you cannot find
It's in my love, it's in my eyes
And now I know you feel tired and alone
My aim is always true, watch me build this life around you

We will break the walls down
We will stand down the rain
We will face life as two
We will never be alone again

We'll live the life that we choose
Love bravely, you'll never lose
When sadness claws at your door
You have my all, I'll give you more

In life you can't be afraid
To take the road for which you were made
It's never easy when you start
To build a roof over your heart
Track Name: Little Miss Trust
Your pretty face washes black and blue
From all the lovers that have been in you
And I wonder if I'm getting through at all

I never though I'd sound out those four letters
Spread out and written across your sweater
It begins with a kiss and it ends with a nasty letter

Oh, you're my little Miss Trust

The curve of your lips are wrong
They write me letters saying I'm weak not strong
But I don't hear those lips (oh no)
Ah, love is a strain!

When I was young
I heard a story from a friend
And it still echoes in my head
But I'm still standing here
And I'm wiser and I'm stronger than you know
And I never let go